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IC 2017: Brand

IC 2017: Brand Identity

Design Lead


Client: BBYO, Inc. 

Team: Farrin Metzman and Ryan Ladd

All images by Jason Dixson Photography and MAK Photography.

Full brand and identity for 2017's landmark event.

BBYO is the largest pluralistic Jewish teen movement set on changing the world. With international delegations in over 30 countries, BBYO reaches everywhere from the small communities of Eastern Europe to the thriving cities in North America. In 2017, a record number of teen participants, staff, and community leaders gathered at International Convention (IC) 2017 for the hallmark program of the year featuring renowned speakers, service, learning, and a special celebration. 

Over six months, I worked closely with the BBYO program and logistics teams for the entire design and production process.

As the event grows each year by enrollment, the design scale increases in turn. IC 2017 featured over 350 printed designs from a 39-foot banner to multiple customized apparel items, and over 100 sets of digital designs for the stage and screens.

The event was a success as the space matched the brand's bold statements and showcasing of how teens can change the world.

Additional environmental pieces can be found here